God Gave a Glasgow Girl Nine Lives book by author Eunice Ivy Graham

God Gave a Glasgow Girl Nine Lives

by Eunice Ivy Graham

Step into the remarkable life of Eunice Ivy Graham, a Glasgow girl who defied the odds with her fearless spirit and boundless resilience.

In "God Gave a Glasgow Girl Nine Lives," Eunice takes you on an emotional roller coaster, from her early years overcoming poverty to facing near-death experiences that would break a lesser soul.

Finding her calling first with the Franciscan Sisters, then breaking barriers as Glasgow's first female turnkey, Eunice constantly redefined what was possible for her, never letting adversity hold her back. Marriage and motherhood offered their own challenges but also presented a new realm of triumphs as Eunice shifted gears into a vital role at the East Kilbride District Court.

Through nine harrowing episodes, including surviving terrorist attacks and life-threatening illnesses, she believes divine intervention gave her the strength to not only survive but thrive. Her story is a shining example of the extraordinary lives ordinary people can lead when they harness the power of hope and determination.

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We all know there’s a fine line between love and hate. After pestering mum for a date, she relented which led to a Registry Office wedding due to her being heavily pregnant with me. Mum soon discovered that my father was a bigamist and his mother a back street abortionist.

Excerpt from God Gave a Glasgow Girl Nine Lives

The difference between the Hail Mary and mum’s version was that when she said ‘Holy Mary Mother of God’ she would add ‘send me down a couple of bob’ (money) and was mortified when in Church I loudly said the Hail Mary, adding “send my mammy a couple of bob”.

Excerpt from God Gave a Glasgow Girl Nine Lives

I was affronted when mum asked to taste the chips from the downstairs shop before she bought them. This duty then befell on me. In Northern Ireland you were served in a chip shop depending on your address. It seemed to me that even the chips were catholic or protestant!

Excerpt from God Gave a Glasgow Girl Nine Lives

“You know, Eunice, I feel like killing you. I haven’t decided when your murder will take place.” I burst out laughing until I realised that Anne my fellow postulant was deadly serious. I escaped to the chapel but she followed me everywhere. I didn’t know I was witnessing a breakdown.

Excerpt from God Gave a Glasgow Girl Nine Lives

A man came into the Police Uniform Bar one night and asked to be locked up. He hadn’t committed an offence and I refused. He left and returned 15 minutes later in handcuffs. He’d smashed a nearby shop window and was grinning because he had a bed for the night.

Excerpt from God Gave a Glasgow Girl Nine Lives

Metal 5 Stars

“An intriguing story of a varied life through which the consistent thread is faith and family. The reader will be sad and happy by turns.”

Ann Widdecombe
Former Minister for Employment of the United Kingdom

Praise for God Gave a Glasgow Girl Nine Lives

I was hooked. Not all writers have the ability to make you feel as though you are a close friend or family member but this book certainly does.”

Dr. Lisa Cameron
Member of the Scottish Parliament and Clinical Psychologist

Praise for God Gave a Glasgow Girl Nine Lives

“I loved the book… I started off reading this as a Councillor but the author has a unique way of making you feel you are the main character.”

Gladys Miller
Councillor, South Lanarkshire

Praise for God Gave a Glasgow Girl Nine Lives

“It’s a book that will encourage anyone who has gone through or who is going through difficult dark moments, to get up and go towards the light.”

Maria Dalgarno
Editor / Writer / Translator

Praise for God Gave a Glasgow Girl Nine Lives

“A special story. The kind that resonates and makes a difference to the person reading it - it's full of honesty, humour, heart break and hope.”

Nicola Morton-Smith
London Clinical College of Hypnotherapy

Praise for God Gave a Glasgow Girl Nine Lives



Eunice Ivy Graham

Inspired by her headmistress, Eunice joined the Franciscan Sisters at 18. Despite her impoverished background, she attended Our Lady and St Francis Secondary School. After a year in the convent, Eunice ventured into policing, becoming Glasgow's first female turnkey and having an encounter with the Queen. Following 12 years of police service, marriage, and motherhood, she became the Court Administrator for East Kilbride District Court, passionately defending the 'Not Proven' verdict.


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